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Sherene S

Sherene is an Australian freelance journalist who has been writing for more than thirty years. She began her career in television news and current affairs, briefly detoured to teaching elementary school then working in marketing and communications. She was drawn back to writing by her fascination for people and their stories – from the struggles to the triumphs and the everyday moments in between.

Sherene’s work has been featured in corporate magazines, blogs, websites, and email newsletters. As a ghost writer she has created content for thought leaders from a range of sectors. As a non-fiction author, Sherene was first published in a collected work about Australia WW1 soldiers and is currently researching her first solo book on our enduring love for our pets.

Her interests include education, business, veterans, animal behaviour and the natural world, seniors, ageing and palliative care. Recently she has even developed a love for sharks, after helping produce content for Nat Geo and Disney+.

When she’s not writing, Sherene enjoys learning, talking, cooking, eating, gardening, and walking. Although not all at the same time.