About StorySavor

Joseph Quaderer

StorySavor Founder & CEO

I’ve always been a storyteller.

In grade school and high school I wrote poetry, short stories, and novellas. After college, I wrote novels.

After my third novel, I realized I wanted something different – rather than inventing fictional stories I wanted to hear real ones. I started interviewing people and I quickly discovered that everyone has a story to tell but not everyone is a storyteller.

I launched a website in 2013 to share these stories. With each story, the website gained more followers. I learned there is a great fascination in the untold stories of others.

I interviewed dozens of people including:

  • A man who was part of General Patton’s ‘Red Ball Express’ – a famed truck convoy system that supplied Allied forces moving quickly through Europe after breaking out from the D-Day beaches in Normandy.
  • A man from New Zealand who overcame cerebral palsy to become a world-famous inspirational Ted Talk speaker.
  • A blind Syrian refugee who moved to America without speaking any English and lived on the streets of Los Angeles and New York City while pursuing his dream of attending Harvard University.

Through this process, I realized I loved connecting with people and sharing their stories – yet I was still self-conscious that I’d never been trained as a journalist. I wanted to improve my craft – to be the best storyteller possible – so I applied to Columbia Journalism School, and much to my surprise, I was accepted! Three years later I graduated as a professionally trained and published journalist.

I founded StorySavor to connect people with professional writers so they can capture their stories too. I’m excited to bring the gift of professional storytelling to people because I know that through stories, we understand ourselves and the world we live in.             

I’d love to hear your story.

About Joseph Quaderer

Joseph Quaderer is a graduate of The University of Notre Dame (BA in finance), New York University Stern School of Business (MBA in finance and strategy), and Columbia University Journalism School (MS in long-form journalism). After spending 17 years as a banker on Wall Street, he left finance to pursue his passion for storytelling.