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Rossilynne is a journalist and author based in New York City with roots in Pittsburgh. In her decade of journalism experience, she’s written about immigrant food traditions, under-recognized artists, under-appreciated places, food deserts, civil rights leaders, and history.

She’s been published in Saveur Magazine, Atlas Obscura, Thrillist, Google Arts & Culture, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Tribune-Review, Carnegie Magazine,, and The Incline. She published her first book, a Pittsburgh guidebook called “100 Things to Do in Pittsburgh Before You Die” in 2018 and is currently working on a Pittsburgh history book.

Rossilynne is driven by her constant curiosity, intrigued by stories with a strong sense of place, and fascinated by the many facets of human connection in every story.

Rossilynne earned a master of arts in arts & culture journalism at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. In her undergraduate studies, Rossilynne earned bachelor’s degrees in journalism and women’s studies at Penn State University.

Her hobbies include photographing ghost signs (forgotten advertising signs on buildings) and running an Instagram account for her sassy cat. Rossilynne is also a certified water taste tester (seriously).