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Get content rich and creative stories from the best ghost writers team at StorySavor. From memoirs to biographies to autobiographies – our ghostwriting services team can handle it all. We make sure that every story we work on is engaging and enjoyable.

You can book a free consultation now to discuss your project with our talented ghostwriters. Your writer will not shy away from giving you the requisite narrative advice to make your project exceptional. However, as per our professional ghostwriting standards, your ideas and decisions are given priority.

Work With The Best Ghostwriting Company For A Tale Well Told

You get the best ghostwriting services from our writers who have years of industry experience that allows them to brings your book to life. After our consultation, we’ll be sure to pair you with a writer who matches the uniqueness and requirements of your project. Together, you and your writer will figure out the best way to tell your story to your family, or, if you have broader ambitions, the world!

The writing plan comprises a mutually agreed upon workflow schedule, communication methodology, and other practices for exchanging content and feedback. We provide the best ghost writers and support through our ghostwriting services. Get well written content, written by industry professionals, that will allow you to share your story with the ones you love the most.

Share What You Have To Say With The Ones You Love Most

Let our professional ghost writers do the hard work so you can relax and allow our ghost writing services to turn your book idea into a reality. We’ll make sure that we understand your reasons for telling your story and then make sure we use our narrative writing skills to effectively write the story.

You can benefit from the best ghost writing services at StorySavor.We’ll do the heavy lifting and allow you to sit back and enjoy the process of watching your story unfold on the pages. Your writer will keep you posted on the progress of your book and send you drafts to get your feedback. The final draft will be the result of a dynamic collaboration between you and your writer so we can ensure the final product is delivered according to your expectations.

Partner With The Best Ghostwriters Team

StorySavor has a team of highly talented and creative writers who all have excellent writing skills and ability to tell a captivating story from start to finish. All our writers have professional experience working with others to tell their story. You, too, can benefit from the best ghost writing service that StorySavor offers.

The team of writers at StorySavor works on all kinds of writing projects as professional ghostwriters. You will find an expert story teller in your corner as you share your story with others. Explain the story you want to tell to us and let us do the hard work of actually recording the story in a book. We work closely with our clients to understand their perspectives, feelings, and thoughts so that we write with the right tone and feeling.

A lot of patience and understanding is required for a writer to get the perfect tone and voice for the project. For those who are confused about their own voice, our writers can help them to figure it out before beginning the project. We have a team of observant, creative, and intuitive writers to help you out with your project!

Benefit from best ghostwriting services by industry experts!

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As the best ghostwriting company, we create avenues for our customers to effectively tell their stories to the ones they care about. We promise to deliver flawless ghostwriting services at a very affordable price.

You’ll interact with leading professional ghostwriters who devote their time and efforts to create unmatchable content for you at StorySavor. Choose the author with the specific skill set and set up a consultation for your project now.

When you hire ghostwriters, you look for organized, talented, efficient, and dependable individuals who understand the basic foundations of how to drive a narrative and make a book successful. We will deliver on the promises and expectations that you have from StorySavor.

StorySavor offers both full-writing and co-writing services.

We love custom projects! Schedule a call to discuss your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ghostwriting illegal?

Ghostwriting is a very legal profession! Our ghostwriters work to understand your story and then artfully tell it to others. After making the final payment, you own the full copyright and can do whatever you please with the material – whether that means handing out copies to your family or trying to make it into a New York Times best seller!

Can anyone become a ghostwriter?

Technically anyone can be any type of writer – there is no certification to be a novelist, journalist, or a ghostwriter. That being said, ghostwriting – like all types of writing – is a difficult skill to master. Many people think they want to write their own memoir or autobiography, but when they see the time committement, discipline, and skill required they choose to hire a professional. You hire a professional plumber to fix your sink and a professional mechanic to repair your car, so why not a professional ghostwriter to write your biography or memoir?

How to hire ghostwriting services?

You can look up a variety of different ghostwriters with reviews on the internet, or speak to others who have been able to find the best online ghostwriting services. When it’s not a referral from a friend, or you haven’t had a chance to actually review the work, it’s important to do your due diligence to confirm the writer is legitimate.

How much do ghostwriters charge?

It depends on the type of ghostwriting services and the ghost writing author you choose. The best ghost writers can charge over six figures for their work, whereas other ghost writers (like StorySavor) will charge only a few thousand dollars. In addition to the person doing the ghost writing, it will also vary depending on how long the piece is. StorySavor offers three story length options (7,000 words, 12,000 words, and 20,000 words) but can go to a higher word count if necessary.

Capture and Preserve
A Moment

  • 50-60 page hardcover book
  • 4 hours of interviews
  • 30 pages of text with up to 7,000 words
  • Up to 20 photos
  • 4 full-color hardcover books

Capture and Preserve
A Story

  • 80-90 page hardcover book
  • 6 hours of interviews
  • 60 pages of text with up to 12,000 words
  • Up to 30 photos
  • 4 full-color hardcover books

Capture and Preserve
A Lifetime

  • 110-120 page hardcover book
  • 10 hours of interviews
  • 100 pages of text with up to 20,000 words
  • 50 photos
  • 6 full-color hardcover books